May 2007 – Client of The Month – Sommers Plastic Products

May’s Client of the Month benefits not only from our message on hold service, but also from our promotional giveaways. Founded in 1947, Sommers Plastic Product Company creates unique and innovative fabrics appealing to a wide range of industries such as apparel, footwear, accessories, luggage and leather goods, home furnishing, wall covering and upholstery to name a few.

sommersplastic Holdcom 2007 Message On Hold Client of the Month

Sommers carries the widest range of in-stock plastic and man-made fabrics in the USA. HOLDCOM has been working with Sommers since 1996 and the two companies have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship. In our never ending quest to best serve our customers, HOLDCOM inspired Sommers to create an innovative material that was named one of “10 Materials That Will Change Your Life” by Dwell Magazine and was recently featured in Architectural Record as one of the year’s “Outstanding New Products.”

In September 2005, HOLDCOM mailed a promotional gift item to be used on telephone mouthpieces to eliminate dangerous bacteria on contact – using “Agion” antimicrobial to suppress the growth of bacteria. To make a long story short, Sommers contacted Agion to learn that they were not yet working with upholstery fabric producers and eureka, AgUARDIAN was born, a patent filed, and a multi-million dollar contract was signed.

HOLDCOM hopes to help all our clients to this degree. Fred Schecter of Sommers says it best, “We are proud to be given the title, ‘Client of the Month’, and we share a debt of gratitude to HOLDCOM for more than just their excellent service and abilities in producing awesome “on hold” recordings!”

SMS : Discover the Language of Generation Y

f U cn rED DIS U R a CzenD SMS txter.

Translation: If you can read this you are a seasoned SMS texter.

SMS Text Messages We typically think of an acronym as a kind of abbreviation. For example, MOH is an acronym for Message on Hold. SMS is an acronym for short message service, and it is part of the brave new world of immediate communication and instant gratification. This is the language of Generation Y and it is not going away. We have to get on board.

Let’s face it, texting is everywhere, from emails to Blackberry’s. Do we have the language of sms to look forward to overtaking the business world in presentations, resumes and beyond? Will this sleeping giant become a defacto standard in the world of communication? Who knows what will happen when the youth of today and the masters of the sms universe become the business leaders of tomorrow. For now, we at The Holdcom Voice like the convenience for personal use but give it two thumbs down in the business world, what do you think? Sound off at

Employee Spotlight : Patti Cobb

Patti Cobb - Holdcom Employee Spotlight 2007

When you call or visit HOLDCOM the first person you are likely to come in contact with is Patti Cobb, and what better way to be introduced to the HOLDCOM family? She is that rare person who is always happy, upbeat, and willing to “go the extra mile” to ensure that clients’ needs are being fulfilled.

As an Administrative Assistant, she is the point person for much of the inbound call traffic and outbound shipping. For over six years Patti has been communicating with many of you, and one of her favorite aspects of the job is dealing with the wide range of HOLDCOM clients.

When she is not holding down the fort here at HOLDCOM, she is holding it down at home, in Ridgewood, with her husband of 28 years, her high school sweetheart, and their two grown sons. Patti also likes to spend time at Lake George where she enjoys boating and skiing.