March 2007 – Client of The Month – Standard Process Inc.

HOLDCOM is proud to congratulate Standard Process Inc. as our Client of the Month for March 2007!

For over 75 years, Standard Process has produced high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements. In 2002, they expanded their line to veterinary formulas for cats and dogs, providing the best healthcare for your entire family. They achieve outstanding results by growing the majority of their ingredients on company-owned, certified organic farmland. Combining a unique manufacturing process and exemplary quality control standards, Standard Process is able to utilize the best natural source of vitamins and produce the gold standard in whole food supplements. They are also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Australian herbal company MediHerb®.

Knowledge is the key to helping people understand why nutrition is so important to their health, and Standard Process is committed to educating healthcare professionals and patients. And they have found that Message-On-Hold is a highly effective tool in promoting their exceptional whole food supplements.

Holdcom's March 2007 Message On Hold Client of the Month: Standard Process Inc!

“While our customers are on-hold, they are learning more about our company and our products, which benefits both them as well as us,” states Katy Elertson, Marketing Coordinator for Standard Process. “And because our callers are being educated, the time they spend onhold is time well spent.”

Standard Process also utilizes their on-hold program to promote unique nutritional seminars as well as special contests. In fact, March is an exciting month for Standard Process as they are awarding a lucky customer a cruise for two to Scandinavia and Russia. The winner will be announced on March 22. Continuing in their long-standing tradition of giving back to the community, we believe that Standard Process is a winner too.

Mrs. Elertson had the following to say about her company’s relationship with HOLDCOM: “Their employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and produce superior onhold messages at affordable prices. They go out of their way to make sure that we are absolutely happy with their services.”

Standard Process’ three distinct product lines – Standard Process®, MediHerb®, and the Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ – are available only through healthcare professionals. To learn more about Standard Process and their products, please visit

Partners & Affiliates

Holdcom's Audio Marketing Partners and Affiliates

The next time you’re looking for an IT product or service, be sure to click on the partners link at our website. HOLDCOM’s partners range from web based avatars to outsourced IVR systems and more! You’ve come to expect the best from us, now learn what our partners can do for you.

Click on the “partners” link on our home page at or try the PARTNER hot button at the top of this newsletter. Either way, check back often because we’re always adding new partners. If you think you have a synergistic service and are interested in becoming a HOLDCOM partner, email us at partner@HOLDCOM.comto let us know why.

Daylight Savings Time Reminder!!!

Daylight Savings Time Reminder!!!

Prepare your voice prompts, message on hold system, and IVR for Daylight Savings Time - woman with clockSPRING FORWARD, FALL BACK: Daylight savings starts three weeks earlier this year on March 11th at 2:00 AM. For many of us this ritual usually consists of changing a handful of clocks at home and pulling out the manual in our cars to figure out how to change the time on the dashboard clock.

Since the time change happens earlier this year, HOLDCOM encourages you to review the software, hardware and programs used by you and your company on a daily basis. This time change may have broad implications for you, as there are many embedded devices in businesses that are not field upgradeable. Such devices include automated timers, network routers, switches, firewalls and any other device with an embedded clock. Microsoft and Apple offer information on their websites.For other vendors, type the vendor name into a search engine followed by the phrase “2007 daylight savings time.”

For more info about daylight savings check out

Holdcom in the Holy Land

During a recent trip to Israel, I had an opportunity to visit with TELEJINGLE principals, Aviv Gothilf and Yossi Ohayon. TELEJINGLE is one of Israel’s premier Message-On-Hold, Voice Production companies and, like HOLDCOM, has established itself as a leader in telephonic voice production. Our companies have worked together for the past nine years, via phone, email, fax and Internet, but last month marked our first face-to-face meeting. TELEJINGLE initially learned about HOLDCOM via its association with one of the pioneer streaming audio conversion programs for the Internet, Emblaze Audio.

As more and more American companies established a presence in Israel, authentic American voice talent requirements increased, and TELEJINGLE found a solution for their local American clients in our extensive talent pool. HOLDCOM has also utilized TELEJINGLE’s access to authentic Hebrew and Arabic speaking professional voice talents for its US clients.

Conducting business in Israel has it’s own set of circumstances, but I was amazed at the similarities in the evolution of TELEJINGLE and HOLDCOM, from the common background of its originators, to shared challenges in the sales negotiating process.

Holdcom meets with TELEJINGLE - Global Message On Hold providers

Employee Spotlight

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and hopping in like a kangaroo (we’ll explain later) comes Lisa, a recent addition to the HOLDCOM family. Like many in the voice over business, Lisa began her career in radio, spinning tunes as a disc jockey. The feedback from her voice-recorded commercials playing on air was so positive, she parlayed that success into the wonderful world of voice over work. Freelancing since the late ‘80’s, Lisa started her own business in 2003 and has been going strong ever since.

What captures the listener’s attention is Lisa’s uncanny ability to bring words to life. Taking material that might be dry and boring and making it engage the listener is what motivates her, as it does for all of us here at HOLDCOM. What greater attribute could a voice talent have than striving to enthrall the listener?

As a passionate world traveler, Lisa has taken three trips down under. On one of her journeys to Australia she became entangled with a kangaroo, literally and figuratively. She can be seen in a starring role being “attacked” by a kangaroo. In fact, it aired on the television show, “Planets Funniest Animals.”

While voice over work is fun and pays the bills, it was a nice alternative for Lisa to be cast as a video game character named “Leona” in a martial arts themed video game. Next time you, or your child, are playing “King of Fighters: Maximum Impact” pay close attention. But it’s not all fun and games for Lisa. On a more serious note, Lisa was recently cast in her first national promo for CNN. From videos to headline news, Lisa runs the gamut, and captures just the right tone.