July 2007 – Client of the Month – Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center - 2007 Message On Hold client of the month

Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, across the river from Manhattan, is reopening on July 19, 2007, after a 22 month, $109 million dollar expansion, and the changes are dramatic. As one of the most intensively visited museums in the country, it has grown from 196,000 square feet to 295,000 square feet, filling the space with an amazing array of new exhibits and programs.

Their signature exhibit, “Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact”, is the largest exhibition on this subject in the world, and includes artifacts from the World Trade Center.

There is something for everyone, with exhibits like “Eat and Be Eaten,” an exploration of how animals catch prey and avoid becoming prey. “Infection Connection” is all about germs, and the consequences of not washing your hands, which is a perfect segue for “I Explore”, a hands-on program for the under six set.

We at HOLDCOM are obviously intrigued by “Communication”, with four exhibition areas, Body and Language; Symbols, Signs and Writing; Print, Audio and Video; and Signals and Networks. For more information on this expansion, visit them at www.lsc.org.

One of the most important changes at Liberty Science Center is their use of Green Technology. On the roof of their new wing are solar panels, responsible for meeting almost 15% of the Center’s energy needs. They are also collecting rainwater runoff, directing it into a small wetland area, augmenting water resources and encouraging a more diverse ecosystem.

Being closed for renovations doesn’t mean you are closed for business. While LSC was growing by leaps and bounds, HOLDCOM was helping keep their guests in the loop with their Message-On-Hold program. HOLDCOM has provided Liberty Science Center with professional on-hold messaging for their administration phone line for many years now. “As the New Jersey/New York area’s largest science education center, it is imperative that we offer professional customer service options to our callers, and we always receive comments on the clear messages, pleasant music, and professional voices on our on hold system,” states Dina Schipper, Manager of Communications.

At HOLDCOM, we value our ongoing collaboration with Liberty Science Center and congratulate them on their grand re-opening. We also salute them for their positive impact on science education. Not only do they show us the world of science, they demonstrate it through their ecological awareness.

Employee Spotlight

Juan Sanchez - Holdcom July 2007 Employee Spotlight - Message On Hold Audio Producer and Tech Support

Juan Sanchez wears a lot of different hats at HOLDCOM, and that is what makes his job so enjoyable. “My favorite aspect is that everyday, I’m always doing something different,” he states.

As a member of our Production team, Juan’s duties include engineering voice talent sessions and mixing Message-On- Hold and Voice Production programs.

He is also an “IT guy”, helping to troubleshoot computer problems within the office. In addition, he plays a big part in the design and layout of our monthly newsletter, THE HOLDCOM VOICE. And his graphic design work even extends to helping HOLDCOM create advertisements for business publications.

Like most of our Production team, Juan’s true passion is for music. On weekends he is a DJ, spinning tunes for the past four years throughout the metropolitan area. This summer you can catch him all over Jersey including Tribecca Nite Club in Fort Lee every Thursday and Images Nite Club in Fairview on Saturdays.

Holdcom Charity Golf Classic

Holdcom Charity Golf Classic to Benefit Autism Speaks


At HOLDCOM, we’re excited to be launching our First Annual Charity Golf Classic on August 20th. This event will benefit AUTISM SPEAKS, raising funds for research, promotion of public awareness, and to support educational programs and services.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in business, we felt it was time to give back. Many of us know or know of someone who has been touched by this disease. As a company that helps businesses communicate by voice production, AUTISM SPEAKS’ slogan of “It’s Time To Listen” resonated for us. We recognize how communication is such an integral part of our lives, and that the obstacle of autism can be overwhelming.

We expect our outing to be a great day of golf, food and prizes, as well as a splendid networking opportunity, bringing together a varied and diverse group of HOLDCOM clients, vendors, and associates.

As August approaches it’s time to sign up for play, sponsorships, or both, so contact us immediately so you won’t be shut out.

For more information, visit our website at www.holdcom.com/golfclassic, or call us at 800.666.6465.

AUTISM SPEAKS, are you listening?

July 2007 – Featured Partner – PBNEXT Virtual Phone Service


HOLDCOM is proud to honor PBNext as our Partner of the Month. HOLDCOM was brought in as a value-added service to supply the professional voice recordings for PBNext’s clients voicemail and attendant greetings on their Virtual PBX Phone Service. Virtual phone systems are rapidly gaining popularity, and PBNext is leading the pack.

PBNext is a fully functional telephone system designed to meet your needs in today’s dynamic workplace. A PB NEXT - Holdcom Audio Marketing Featured PartnerPBNext telephone system includes all the features of a costly hardware based business telephone system without the need to wire your office in any special way, or purchase expensive hardware such as control units, voicemail hardware and other peripheral hardware.

PBNext’s revolutionary technology allows you to use a single basic analog telephone line for each telephone you purchase to manage multiple incoming calls. You can be simultaneously speaking with a customer and have several people on hold all while hosting a conference call.

Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

Top Tips for Writing Professional Voicemail Messages

Professional quality voice mail greetings are key in our constantly changing, on-the-go world. When you’re away from your desk, your cell phone is like your mobile office. Remember: You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you ever miss a call, your voicemail greeting might be the first impression people have of you or your business. Make sure your voicemail greeting is working for you, not against you.  Download our free “Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings” to learn how to write and record voicemail messages that make the right impression, the first time and every time.

Click Here to download Holdcom’s Top Tips for Voicemail Greetings