February 2007 – Client of The Month – Carried Away Cells

HOLDCOM is proud to congratulate our February 2007 Client of the Month – Carried Away Cells Drive, a cell phone recycler and a professional fund raiser for “Mission India”.

cell phone drive - holdcom cares - message on hold client of the month

When phones are not worth refurbishing they still contain minerals which can be extracted and sold in order to make new cell phones. This reuse helps save natural resources and avoids contamination.

Did you know that the average cell phone has 8 toxins that will contaminate natural drinking water supplies if not properly recycled? Carried Away Cells Drive makes it so easy to make a difference. They provide you with a free mailer, postage paid, simply drop in your old cell phone, toss it in the mail and get a tax deduction while you’re at it. They do the rest and HOLDCOM helps them spread the word.

We are proud to assist this charitable dialing campaign with ever changing scripts and programming that provide flexibility, affordability and quick turn around. Dan Galloway at CarriedAway was nice enough to say “HOLDCOM is one of those lucky to find vendors who provide exactly what they advertise.” And we at HOLDCOM are happy to recognize a company that is working to help the environment and those less fortunate while making it easy for anyone to perform a good deed.

Congratulations Carried Away Cells Drive!

Voiceover Spotlight – Wade

February 2007’s Voice Over Spotlight is shining on our Australian voice over talent, Wade. Wade started out in community radio about ten years ago before doing a radio course and eventually landing a job in commercial radio.

Wade states, “Radio has taken me all over Australia, and through my role as a radio announcer I was often called upon to do voiceovers, which worked out to be a blessing as it honed my skills as a voice over artist. Working with many talented people in this industry has enabled me to listen more and learn to develop myself as a marketable voice for many facets of this industry. Having a desire to act and perform also draws me to the exciting world of voiceovers.”

Wade describes himself as a creative person – whether he’s writing or announcing – and appreciates how being a voice over talent enables him to perform and offer another form of expression. He also likes a challenge; to test his voice and see what it can do.

Wade was approached by HOLDCOM through an agency & he explains, “They asked me to be a part of their team and I obliged. Being part of the team has certainly been a buzz.”

In addition to finding his work to be extremely rewarding on a personal level, Wade says in his personal time he is “an avid gamer.” “I love my X box and would love to eventually get into online gaming,” says Wade. Wade’s other interests include keeping fit, watching movies, writing, and hopefully travel in due time.

Future Car

Future Car

HOLDCOM is proud to recognize its long time friend and business associate, Robert Cohen, executive producer/creator for the upcoming CBS four-part series on the future of the automobile industry. Premiering on The Discovery Channel on Wednesday, February 7th at 8 p.m. and continuing each Wednesday in February, FutureCar gives a fascinating glimpse of the technology and style we can look forward to. Does it blow you away that cars can parallel park themselves? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Take a ride into the future this February.

Robert has provided marketing and image consultation for HOLDCOM, and his firm, Internal Combustion, specializes in employee-management communication and organizational alignment. Learn more at internalcombustionusa.

Are Your Customers Loyal?

customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, handshake

How many of your customers are loyal customers? More importantly, what do you do to give them a reason to stay loyal?

Customer loyalty should be a key focus in business, with good reason. Estimates suggest that it can cost six times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

A business that is not paying proper attention to their customers is like a farmer milking a cow with “a hole in the bucket.” You have to work that much harder at filling the bucket while the leak continues. Figuring out how big that hole is for your business is the first step in addressing customer loyalty. The next is understanding how and why they are leaving, and how you can turn that situation around.

There are six main reasons for customers taking their business elsewhere and the overwhelming reason, cited by 68%, is perceived indifference. Customers don’t think you care about them or that they even matter to you! If that is how they feel, you are faced with a very difficult challenge to win them back. Your key focus should be to keep them as satisfied customers. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With an abundance of options available to customers, simply providing them with a product or service is no longer enough—you have to focus on exceeding their expectations.

This article is excerpted from Larry Fisher—Action Coach. To learn more about winning customer service, creating raving fans, WOW factors and building a stronger business, contact Larry at 908-709-0203. Larry offers one on one coaching, group coaching and special programs; and provides a free, no obligation business check up.

January Blood Drive

Blood Drive - Holdcom Cares

Thanks to everyone who participated in our January Blood Drive. We missed our goal, but according to the blood bank, we had well over ten times the percentage of participation found at companies with thousands of employees. If you want to donate or organize a blood drive call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or go to The Red Cross.

Palisades Medical Center


The birth of a baby is an occasion to be celebrated… and announced. And Palisades Medical Center couldn’t agree more. They recently reached out to HOLDCOM to create programs featuring 15-second Braham’s Lullabies that they can schedule to play throughout their hospital each and every time a baby is born.

Overhead Music for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities - Baby warpped in blanket

This new addition has received positive feedback from new parents and their staff, including the President of the Medical Center, Bruce Markovitz, who is totally thrilled with the recording.

If you’re a healthcare organization and interested in a similar feature, speak with your Client Relations representative today!

As the leader in audio productions, HOLDCOM is always eager to find unique uses for audio throughout various industries around the globe. If you have a unique idea for audio give us a call to discuss it or place an order at www.voiceprompts.com.


Does Your Sign Determine The Kind Of Employee You Are?

Audio Marketing Employee Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18) Aquarius – The Aquarius employee can’t tolerate unfairness in the office.

Hair brained schemes will get the positive attention they deserve if an Aquarian has anything to do with it. They’ll try to help everyone see the good side of a bad situation if it’s the last thing that they do.

(Feb 19 – Mar 20) Pisces – The Pisces employee can be a loyal and hard-working, if unconventional, worker. In the right position, they are able to keep their daydreams in check and buckle down on the detail work, giving their all to the boss and corporation whom they feel are worthy of devotion.