July 2007 – Client of the Month – Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center - 2007 Message On Hold client of the month

Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, across the river from Manhattan, is reopening on July 19, 2007, after a 22 month, $109 million dollar expansion, and the changes are dramatic. As one of the most intensively visited museums in the country, it has grown from 196,000 square feet to 295,000 square feet, filling the space with an amazing array of new exhibits and programs.

Their signature exhibit, “Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact”, is the largest exhibition on this subject in the world, and includes artifacts from the World Trade Center.

There is something for everyone, with exhibits like “Eat and Be Eaten,” an exploration of how animals catch prey and avoid becoming prey. “Infection Connection” is all about germs, and the consequences of not washing your hands, which is a perfect segue for “I Explore”, a hands-on program for the under six set.

We at HOLDCOM are obviously intrigued by “Communication”, with four exhibition areas, Body and Language; Symbols, Signs and Writing; Print, Audio and Video; and Signals and Networks. For more information on this expansion, visit them at www.lsc.org.

One of the most important changes at Liberty Science Center is their use of Green Technology. On the roof of their new wing are solar panels, responsible for meeting almost 15% of the Center’s energy needs. They are also collecting rainwater runoff, directing it into a small wetland area, augmenting water resources and encouraging a more diverse ecosystem.

Being closed for renovations doesn’t mean you are closed for business. While LSC was growing by leaps and bounds, HOLDCOM was helping keep their guests in the loop with their Message-On-Hold program. HOLDCOM has provided Liberty Science Center with professional on-hold messaging for their administration phone line for many years now. “As the New Jersey/New York area’s largest science education center, it is imperative that we offer professional customer service options to our callers, and we always receive comments on the clear messages, pleasant music, and professional voices on our on hold system,” states Dina Schipper, Manager of Communications.

At HOLDCOM, we value our ongoing collaboration with Liberty Science Center and congratulate them on their grand re-opening. We also salute them for their positive impact on science education. Not only do they show us the world of science, they demonstrate it through their ecological awareness.

Employee Spotlight

Juan Sanchez - Holdcom July 2007 Employee Spotlight - Message On Hold Audio Producer and Tech Support

Juan Sanchez wears a lot of different hats at HOLDCOM, and that is what makes his job so enjoyable. “My favorite aspect is that everyday, I’m always doing something different,” he states.

As a member of our Production team, Juan’s duties include engineering voice talent sessions and mixing Message-On- Hold and Voice Production programs.

He is also an “IT guy”, helping to troubleshoot computer problems within the office. In addition, he plays a big part in the design and layout of our monthly newsletter, THE HOLDCOM VOICE. And his graphic design work even extends to helping HOLDCOM create advertisements for business publications.

Like most of our Production team, Juan’s true passion is for music. On weekends he is a DJ, spinning tunes for the past four years throughout the metropolitan area. This summer you can catch him all over Jersey including Tribecca Nite Club in Fort Lee every Thursday and Images Nite Club in Fairview on Saturdays.

Holdcom Charity Golf Classic

Holdcom Charity Golf Classic to Benefit Autism Speaks


At HOLDCOM, we’re excited to be launching our First Annual Charity Golf Classic on August 20th. This event will benefit AUTISM SPEAKS, raising funds for research, promotion of public awareness, and to support educational programs and services.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in business, we felt it was time to give back. Many of us know or know of someone who has been touched by this disease. As a company that helps businesses communicate by voice production, AUTISM SPEAKS’ slogan of “It’s Time To Listen” resonated for us. We recognize how communication is such an integral part of our lives, and that the obstacle of autism can be overwhelming.

We expect our outing to be a great day of golf, food and prizes, as well as a splendid networking opportunity, bringing together a varied and diverse group of HOLDCOM clients, vendors, and associates.

As August approaches it’s time to sign up for play, sponsorships, or both, so contact us immediately so you won’t be shut out.

For more information, visit our website at www.holdcom.com/golfclassic, or call us at 800.666.6465.

AUTISM SPEAKS, are you listening?

July 2007 – Featured Partner – PBNEXT Virtual Phone Service


HOLDCOM is proud to honor PBNext as our Partner of the Month. HOLDCOM was brought in as a value-added service to supply the professional voice recordings for PBNext’s clients voicemail and attendant greetings on their Virtual PBX Phone Service. Virtual phone systems are rapidly gaining popularity, and PBNext is leading the pack.

PBNext is a fully functional telephone system designed to meet your needs in today’s dynamic workplace. A PB NEXT - Holdcom Audio Marketing Featured PartnerPBNext telephone system includes all the features of a costly hardware based business telephone system without the need to wire your office in any special way, or purchase expensive hardware such as control units, voicemail hardware and other peripheral hardware.

PBNext’s revolutionary technology allows you to use a single basic analog telephone line for each telephone you purchase to manage multiple incoming calls. You can be simultaneously speaking with a customer and have several people on hold all while hosting a conference call.

Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings

Top Tips for Writing Professional Voicemail Messages

Professional quality voice mail greetings are key in our constantly changing, on-the-go world. When you’re away from your desk, your cell phone is like your mobile office. Remember: You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you ever miss a call, your voicemail greeting might be the first impression people have of you or your business. Make sure your voicemail greeting is working for you, not against you.  Download our free “Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings” to learn how to write and record voicemail messages that make the right impression, the first time and every time.

Click Here to download Holdcom’s Top Tips for Voicemail Greetings

June 2007 – Client of the Month – Net Bank

NetBank-Holdcom June 2007 Audio Marketing Client of the Month

NetBank opened its virtual doors in February 1996 with a business model that would change the landscape of the banking industry. By providing products and services via the internet rather than through expensive bank branches, NetBank found they could offer industry-leading deposit rates and low or no fees to their customers. They also found that customers loved this new way of banking and still do. Although NetBank operates online, they offer excellent customer care by phone, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days -a-week.

Imagine applying for a mortgage from your home office, getting a home equity loan, or any of the tasks that used to require a special trip to the bank. Short of withdrawing cash from your computer, NetBank can handle all your banking needs.

For nearly ten years, HOLDCOM has been helping NetBank promote their banking products and services to their callers. In addition to endorsing the benefits of online banking, NetBank also uses their Message-On-Hold program to provide details on their checking accounts, money market accounts, IRAs, and CDs – all of which have industry-leading interest rates and a variety of terms to meet the specific needs of their customers.

NetBank also utilizes HOLDCOM’s Voice Production Services for recording important IVR announcements, which deliver timely information to their callers. Linda Williams, NetBank’s Assistant VP of Marketing Communications, states: “We appreciate that HOLDCOM provides such a wonderful service at an affordable price. Using their Voice Production Services for our IVR system allows us to quickly post important messages to customers, for example, information about our added online security that we have recently implemented. And we really like how our HOLDCOM voice talent, Aleta, delivers messages in such a professional manner.”

NetBank has also recently discovered the simplicity of using HOLDCOM’s Audio Production Store for ordering voice recordings. “I really like the new online work order process!” states Ms. Williams. “It’s easy to use, convenient, and efficient!”

Even though Ms. Williams enjoys using this new automated process, she also still values the personal touch that HOLDCOM provides. “I have enjoyed and appreciated working with Rob Lefever for years now! He’s great at making script change suggestions and is very detail-oriented and patient. Donna Pompeo is another HOLDCOM professional who has provided NetBank with outstanding service. These two associates are a big reason we don’t even consider going anywhere else.”

We appreciate the kind words and applaud this innovative company as our “Client of the Month”.

Script Tip #704

pencil on paper with eraser

Avoid non-sequiturs in your Message On Hold script. Don’t assume that listeners know what you know. And remember, highly intricate writing that appears in your printed marketing materials may not always translate well into the spoken medium of Message On Hold. Let your HOLDCOM Script Consultant help you bring a fresh perspective to your marketing and customer service objectives via Message On Hold.

Voiceover Spotlight : Christy

Christy - Holdcom's Voice Over talent spotlightThis month HOLDCOM is proud to shine the Voice Talent Spotlight on our voice over, Christy.

A running theme with our voice over talent is their connection with radio. What better outlet is there for a great sound? Christy had been in on-air radio for 16 years.

During that time she recorded local commercials and received great feedback. Moreover, she really enjoyed the medium, and it set the stage for a seamless transition from radio to voice over work.

Christy has been a full time freelance voice over talent recording out of Los Angeles since the summer of 2005, when she left her radio days behind. The best part of the job? You guessed it, an easy commute. With an ISO booth in her home office, she doesn’t need to get out of her pajamas. The only potential down side? Christy’s self-professed addiction to television. Working at home in her PJ’s makes watching one of her 20-plus favorite television shows easily accessible.

Click here to audition all of Holdcom’s Voice Over Talents

June 2007 – Featured Partner – Prosodie

Prosodie - Holdcom June 2007 Featured Audio Partner

Imagine your call volume going from 100 calls a day to 1000 calls in an hour. Sounds great if you’re a business owner. But what if it happened overnight? Would your company be able to handle the crisis? Do you have a crisis management plan that includes all the necessary components to weather an unexpected call spike? This month’s partner spotlight shines on Prosodie Interactive, an organization that can help you prepare for an unexpected crisis.

If you don’t think this can happen, let us tell you about a company that had some problems with their spinach last summer. The story begins one Thursday evening at 6:30 PM when Prosodie’s partner, Premiere Response, got word that a national broadcast was going to announce that spinach, tainted with the e-coli bacteria, had been traced to several organic companies including Premiere’s client.

Working together, Premiere Response and Prosodie set up an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), including 800 numbers for further information, within four hours — an impressive turnaround time and one that helped manage a crisis by giving clear, concise, and consistent information. While this type of crisis may not happen everyday, it illustrates the importance of dealing with a crisis and working with triedand- true professionals to handle any situation in a timely fashion. Remember: when it comes to facing a crisis, it’s not a question of if, but when. Will you be ready?

About Prosodie Interactive: Prosodie voice technologies enable organizations to achieve success by applying inbound IVR and outbound telephony solutions which reinforce extraordinary customer service, and implement best practice methodologies. Prosodie Interactive stays ahead of the competition with tried-and-tested solution which have been deployed across countless industries. To learn more about what Prosodie can do for you, call them at (877) 520-3072 or email Wade Hauser at whauser@prosodiecrm.com.

About Premiere Response: Premiere Response provides customized solutions to companies who want to offer the highest level of contact center service to their customers. They focus on small, specialized programs and support food, consumer products, healthcare, and cosmetics companies who are interested in conveying a particular company image over the phone. Their consultants are experienced in all aspects of contact management and related marketing programs including crisis management. Contact Sam DiLiberto at 908-219-5537 or 908-219-5540. Or email him at sdiliberto@premiereresponse.com.

May 2007 – Client of The Month – Sommers Plastic Products

May’s Client of the Month benefits not only from our message on hold service, but also from our promotional giveaways. Founded in 1947, Sommers Plastic Product Company creates unique and innovative fabrics appealing to a wide range of industries such as apparel, footwear, accessories, luggage and leather goods, home furnishing, wall covering and upholstery to name a few.

sommersplastic Holdcom 2007 Message On Hold Client of the Month

Sommers carries the widest range of in-stock plastic and man-made fabrics in the USA. HOLDCOM has been working with Sommers since 1996 and the two companies have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship. In our never ending quest to best serve our customers, HOLDCOM inspired Sommers to create an innovative material that was named one of “10 Materials That Will Change Your Life” by Dwell Magazine and was recently featured in Architectural Record as one of the year’s “Outstanding New Products.”

In September 2005, HOLDCOM mailed a promotional gift item to be used on telephone mouthpieces to eliminate dangerous bacteria on contact – using “Agion” antimicrobial to suppress the growth of bacteria. To make a long story short, Sommers contacted Agion to learn that they were not yet working with upholstery fabric producers and eureka, AgUARDIAN was born, a patent filed, and a multi-million dollar contract was signed.

HOLDCOM hopes to help all our clients to this degree. Fred Schecter of Sommers says it best, “We are proud to be given the title, ‘Client of the Month’, and we share a debt of gratitude to HOLDCOM for more than just their excellent service and abilities in producing awesome “on hold” recordings!”

SMS : Discover the Language of Generation Y

f U cn rED DIS U R a CzenD SMS txter.

Translation: If you can read this you are a seasoned SMS texter.

SMS Text Messages We typically think of an acronym as a kind of abbreviation. For example, MOH is an acronym for Message on Hold. SMS is an acronym for short message service, and it is part of the brave new world of immediate communication and instant gratification. This is the language of Generation Y and it is not going away. We have to get on board.

Let’s face it, texting is everywhere, from emails to Blackberry’s. Do we have the language of sms to look forward to overtaking the business world in presentations, resumes and beyond? Will this sleeping giant become a defacto standard in the world of communication? Who knows what will happen when the youth of today and the masters of the sms universe become the business leaders of tomorrow. For now, we at The Holdcom Voice like the convenience for personal use but give it two thumbs down in the business world, what do you think? Sound off at newsletter@holdcom.com.

Employee Spotlight : Patti Cobb

Patti Cobb - Holdcom Employee Spotlight 2007

When you call or visit HOLDCOM the first person you are likely to come in contact with is Patti Cobb, and what better way to be introduced to the HOLDCOM family? She is that rare person who is always happy, upbeat, and willing to “go the extra mile” to ensure that clients’ needs are being fulfilled.

As an Administrative Assistant, she is the point person for much of the inbound call traffic and outbound shipping. For over six years Patti has been communicating with many of you, and one of her favorite aspects of the job is dealing with the wide range of HOLDCOM clients.

When she is not holding down the fort here at HOLDCOM, she is holding it down at home, in Ridgewood, with her husband of 28 years, her high school sweetheart, and their two grown sons. Patti also likes to spend time at Lake George where she enjoys boating and skiing.

April 2007 – Client of The Month – Kentucky State Parks

HOLDCOM is proud to recognize The Kentucky State Resort Parks as our Client of the Month for April 2007, a recognition well deserved, as they are justifiably known as “the nation’s finest state park system.” The Kentucky Department of Parks offers 17 state resort parks – more than any other state – and HOLDCOM provides Message-On-Hold services for each location.

Holdcom Message On Hold Client of the Month - Kentucky State Resort Parks - Logo

Featuring full-service lodging and a wide array of amenities, Kentucky’s resort parks were developed to bring unexpected comfort and recreational opportunity in the midst of unadulterated nature. Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, sight-seeing, or golfing, The Kentucky State Resort Parks feature an endless range of outdoor activities, with individual Message-On-Hold programs highlighting the best each park has to offer.

According to Karen Miller, Director of Marketing at Kentucky Department of Parks, “Message-On-Hold has been very beneficial for us. It has provided the perfect opportunity to inform callers about all they can experience at our parks. We see this service as one of our most effective marketing tools.”

Certain park locations also use the on-hold program to inform potential visitors about their unique natural wonders. For instance, “Carter Caves” boasts 20 twisting underground caverns and a 30-foot underground waterfall. “Natural Bridge” features a natural sandstone arch that spans 78 feet long and 65 feet high. And “Cumberland Falls” is home to a rare moon-bow (a natural phenomenon not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere!). So start packing for a great vacation!

Ms. Miller also had the following to say about her organization’s relationship with HOLDCOM: “Being a state agency, the image we convey to our callers is very important to us, and HOLDCOM provides us with a great image. The HOLDCOM personnel that we work with has always been great. They have walked me through all the processes needed to provide the best experience for our callers. They remind me when it’s time to update the scripting and they provide me with plenty of leadtime to make my changes. I appreciate all the help they provide with the copy.”

April 2007 – Featured Partner: iS3

is3 - Holdcom April 2007 Featured Partner

iS3, based in Boynton Beach, Florida, makes software products that enable users to surf the Web for business or pleasure without being vulnerable to threats; without having their privacy compromised; and without being subject to costly maintenance by computer technicians. Their passion for continuous improvement and exceeding customer expectations is one that we at HOLDCOM share with our Premier Partner of the Month.

iS3 is best known for STOPzilla, their awardwinning anti-Spyware that detects, blocks, and removes all forms of spyware in real-time. Awarded the prestigious CNET and Laptop Editors’ Choice awards for technological excellence, STOPzilla has protected over 10 million users in more than 60 countries. Their proprietary technology and free, unlimited customer support make this product a no-brainer. For powerful protection against ID theft, iS3 makes ANTIfraud, a 5-in-1 tool that fills in online forms, generates and manages strong passwords, and encrypts and saves your valuable data in a Digital ID Vault on your computer. It’s 128-bit AES encryption has never been successfully hacked.

iS3 updates its products regularly with the definitions required to thwart even the newest malicious applications, and products can be set to get these updates automatically. iS3 maintains a staff of researchers dedicated to finding and neutralizing Spyware and Phishing sites. As a result, STOPzilla is supported by one of the world’s largest databases of malicious applications.

Studies consistently show that the customer is the weak link in the security chain. If you have not installed Spyware protection or if it is not being updated frequently, you (and your company) are at risk. Online fraud – largely enabled by Spyware – is the fastest growing crime worldwide. STOPzilla begins working from the moment you boot up to protect you before Spyware breaches your security system.

HOLDCOM is proud to feature iS3 as our Featured Partner of the Month. As a satisfied iS3 client, we encourage you to protect all of your computers. If you have not installed Spyware, or would like to see what infections your current anti-Spyware is not removing completely, we suggest you try STOPzilla and compare.

Voiceover Spotlight! – Maureen

This month our Voice Talent Spotlight shines brightly on Maureen, or “Moe” as she prefers. For over thirty years, Moe has been letting her voice “work” for her, whether it be on the radio, in the theatre, or as a voice-over talent. She began honing her skills at the radio station of Skidmore College in New York, and has remained in the New England area since. Armed with a B.S. in Theater, Moe’s first paying job was at WPRO in Providence, Rhode Island – an experience that quickly led to steady gigs as a voice-over. Then, three years ago, she officially made voice-over work her full-time occupation. This proved to be a great career move, as she now works from her own home studio, voicing scripts for a wide range of clients.

Moe loves the diversity of her job, knowing that no day will be like the one before. She finds that her work is never boring because there is always a different story to tell and something new to be

learned along the way. “I really find it fascinating how much I learn about different industries, marketing trends, and training techniques from the scripts I read,” states Moe.

Moe first found about HOLDCOM when she began working as a freelance voice-over a few years ago. After doing some research and learning about our industry-leading status, she quickly contacted our Production Department. When Neil Fishman, HOLDCOM President, invited her to join our voice talent roster, she actually did a “happy dance” in her studio.

In her personal life, Moe enjoys working with the New Hampshire Radio Theater – a group of broadcasters who produce old-fashioned radio theater shows in front of a live audience. And she’s also working on an upcoming independent film: “One Cruel Day”, in which she has a leading on-camera role.

Over the years, Moe has enjoyed many career highlights. “I get a kick out of the fact that my voice can be heard on five different continents,” she says. “If you’re ever in Singapore, Sydney, Dublin, or Amman, listen closely – it may be ME on that commercial or Message On Hold program! But honestly, it’s the consistent ‘little’ highlights that make my job worthwhile. My favorite thing is when a client contacts me after listening to my recording and says: ‘You nailed it! That’s exactly the way I wanted it done!’”

Are YOU Having a MAC ATTACK?

Message On Hold Content: Moves, Adds, and Changes - Man entering door to future

MAC’s (a.k.a. moves, adds, & changes) are common in every business. We experience them as vendors helping our customers adjust to growing or shrinking demands, and we experience them in our own businesses. There are so many things to think about if your business is in the process of moving or consolidating, adding a new location, or just making improvements to your existing facility. One of the most important things to do is let your clients know what’s happening. At HOLDCOM, we are here to help. Your Message – On – Hold program is the best way to let your clients know that you are in transition.

Contact your Client Relations representative and let them know you’re having a MAC Attack. We have tailored programs designed to save you money.