July 2006 – Client of The Month – Trinitas Hospital


HOLDCOM congratulates Trinitas Hospital as our “Client of the Month” for July 2006! Established in January of 2000, following the consolidation of St. Elizabeth Hospital and Elizabeth General Medical Center, Trinitas Hospital is a full-service healthcare facility serving those who live and work in Eastern and Central Union County, NJ.

“HOLDCOM was an integral part of our communication program during the consolidation that created Trinitas in the year 2000,” states Doug Harris, Director of Public Relations & Marketing. “Message- On-Hold proved to be a very useful tool in conveying important messages about the merger, including information about the changing location of services, and our future plans. Since then, HOLDCOM has continued to be highly effective in transmitting information about our full range of services.”

Today, HOLDCOM provides Message-On-Hold services at three Trinitas facilities including their Williamson Street Campus, New Point Campus, and their Health Centers & WIC Program location.

Treating over 17,000 inpatients annually, 60,000 emergency patients, and several hundred thousand

thousand outpatients, Trinitas Hospital proudly offers state-of-the-art medical care backed by the compassion and competence of their friendly, professional staff and skilled physicians. And HOLDCOM helps Trinitas express this commitment to their callers.

“Like all organizations,” mentions Harris, “we try to avoid placing callers on hold, but when we find we must use the ‘hold’ button, Message-On- Hold helps build a very professional and caring atmosphere. It lets the caller know that we value their call and we wish to share important information that they may find useful.”

Through a lifelong partnership with families, physicians, and communities to provide the best care in a supportive environment, Trinitas Hospital offers a number of Centers of Excellence and specialized major services. Throughout the years, Trinitas has utilized their on-hold program to promote these services.

“Callers appreciate the on-hold program,” cites Harris, “and we know that they listen. In just the last three months we have had 6 individuals make appointments with our Sleep Disorders Center after hearing about it while on hold.”

“Since becoming a HOLDCOM client, we have been treated like royalty by the staff,” Harris explained, “the relationnship has definitely been two-way, in that HOLDCOM frequently reaches out and suggests how the dollars we spend on our on-hold service can be made even more effective. HOLDCOM staff members frequently visit the hospital’s website to learn more about our services. They are definitely a marketing partner – which is a big plus to any organization with a small communications staff.”

To learn more about Trinitas Hospital, visit their website at www.TrinitasHospital.org.

The Time! The Time! Who’s Got the Time?

When we reach out to our clients to remind them about updating their on-hold program, the most common reason clients cite as to why they don’t want to update is because they don’t have the time to modify the script.From local auto body shops to major hospitals, people find themselves with more to do, and unfortunately updating their Message-On-Hold script seems to move to the back burner… and often right out of the kitchen!

Well, I’m here to introduce you to your own personal time-saver: your Holdcom Script Consultant.Every client has one, and we’re the ones to help you get the job done. Need to review your current script?  Just contact your Script Consultant and we’ll quickly send you a copy via email or fax.  Already have some content changes in mind? Just call, email, or fax your desired changes to your Consultant. Remember, your ideas don’t have to be written in complete sentences – feel free to jot down some bullet points and we’ll be happy to rework them into the copy.You can also send us press releases to work from, or you can direct us to specific areas of your website.  Your Script Consultant can format any information you provide into a Message-On-Hold script.

Stumped on what to change in your script?  Ask your Script Consultant if they can provide any suggestions.  For example, are you promoting your website?  Have you recently joined Facebook or Twitter and would like your callers to know about it?  Has anything new and exciting happened to your business recently that your callers would be interested in?  These are all simple, yet effective, marketing tidbits that belong in your Message-On-Hold script.

So, that script updating project that you’re worried will cost you so much time and attention really won’t cost you much at all. Contact your Script Consultant today and we’ll get you on the fast track to having a brand-new Message-On-Hold program produced and live on your phone system.

Flag Etiquette!

The flags should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset unless properly illuminated.

·  The flag should never be worn as a piece of apparel, costume or uniform.

·  The flag should never be made to touch the ground.

·  The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally.

·  The flag should not be displayed during inclement weather.

·  If displayed on a vehicle, it should be firmly clamped to a fender, not attached to an antennae or as a decal.

· The flag should never be marked, signed, or autographed.

Message-On-Hold provides Prime Real Estate for Healthcare and Beyond…

It’s time to look at Message-On-Hold communication in a whole new light: as the secret weapon of PR departments. When advertising is limited by word counts and cost, Message-On-Hold (MOH) offers a less restrictive alternative for industries wishing to communicate their full range of services.

Maureen Boulanger, Marketing Manager for Morristown Memorial Hospital, a HOLDCOM client since 1991, recently described MOH as “prime real estate”.

“I have so many service lines to promote at my hospital and only so much money,” states Boulanger. “I also have many important areas that are never funded for ‘paid advertising’. This is where Message-On-Hold becomes vital. Since I pay for MOH upfront and am allowed frequent changes, I can offer this ‘free advertising’ to those areas that don’t have budgets but still need to get their message to our consumers.” Boulanger adds that internally, constituents of the acute care hospital are thrilled to be offered an alternative to “no advertising” – at no additional cost to them – while externally the callers benefit from the message. “I’d say Message-On-Hold has a high value compared to my other media

vehicles… my return is in proportion to my investment,” explains Boulanger.

Like print and broadcast advertising, a Message- On-Hold system has a script or word count capacity, but regular updating allows Heather Kato, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Hamilton, to prioritize new services awards, and special events. “It is a perfect opportunity for us to publicize what is happening in our community
and what sets us apart,” states Kato.

If you’re paying for advertisements, web updates, brochures, and press releases, then Message-On-Hold should coincide with all of these marketing services. In other words, Message-On-Hold can be your secret PR Weapon!

“MOH creates continuity within our marketing messages,” states Boulanger. “We try to never miss an opportunity to cross market our services. It rounds out our efforts.”

Kato adds, “We use Message-On-Hold as a complement to our entire marketing and PR plan. We align the news and information that appears on our Message-On-Hold with the information that is displayed in our advertising and throughout our organization. Communication is top priority!!”

Message-On-Hold as a secret PR weapon is not limited to hospitals or the healthcare industry by any means and in fact, makes it possible for you to interweave and reinforce all aspects of your print and broadcast advertising. After all, every business has callers and although the hold time may vary, your customers and potential customers are listening. What’s your Message-On-Hold saying about your company?

Employee Spotlight: Bob Maisello

July 2006’s Employee Spotlight shines on Bob Maisello who began his Tech Support career in October 2000. His daily responsibilities include helping customers install and resolve technical issues with their Message-On-Hold devices.

Resolving technical issues and hearing customers praise the job that our company is doing brings much satisfaction to Bob’s work.

Bob attributes HOLDCOM’s success to being proactive in identifying and following up on our customers needs for Message-On-Hold and related audio services.

In his personal time, Bob enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. His interests also include autograph collecting and photography… some of Bob’s pictures have even appeared in The HOLDCOM Voice!

Fireworks Safety

This summer, we urge you to keep your family safe from fireworks-related injuries by maintaining some basic rules when dealing with fireworks. Fireworks are not toys, therefore they should NEVER be given to young children. Close, adult supervision of all fireworks activities is mandatory. Be sure to buy your fireworks from reliable sellers. Only use them outdoors and always have water handy in case of an emergency. To determine what fireworks can be legally discharged in your area, be sure to check with your local police department.