January 2006 – Client of The Month – Corporate Coffee Systems

HOLDCOM is proud to present Corporate Coffee Systems as the January 2006 Client of the Month! Since 1992 HOLDCOM has provided Message-On-Hold and Voice Prompt Services to Corporate Coffee Systems.

Wendy Ferner, Executive Assistant at Corporate Coffee, states “A professional MessCorporateCoffee Systems Holdcom January 2011 Message On Hold Client of the Monthage- On-Hold let’s our customers know that we care about them. Have you ever called a company and been put on hold and heard dead silence? You are unsure if your call has been disconnected or if you are in fact still on hold. Our Message-On-Hold allows our customers to hear all about our products and services, especially new products or programs that we are excited to announce.”

In addition to their standard Message-On-Hold, Corporate Coffee Systems has HOLDCOM create an annual holiday message. “Our customers get a kick out of the festive music & it puts everyone in a good mood,” says Wendy.

The Voice Prompts at Corporate Coffee, provided by HOLDCOM, are user-friendly and allow callers to place orders and even apply for a position! As per Wendy, the prompts enabled Corporate Coffee to provide “continuity and professionalism at all levels of phone contact with our customers.” Congratulations Corporate Coffee!

Save A Life With Holdcom

HOLDCOM is sponsoring a Blood Drive on Tuesday January 24th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at our corporate headquarters at 955 Lincoln Avenue in Glen Rock.

Holdcom Cares Corner - Holdcom Blood Drive

Every 2.5 seconds someone needs blood. It’s no secret that the need for blood is constant, critical, and affects us all. Unfortunately blood donations are at their lowest since 1980. New Jersey currently has a deficit of approximately 100,000 units of blood. By donating, we’re working together to save lives.

The Community Blood Services revised its medical criteria for blood donors – people who were deferred from donating because they were older than 65, those who had recently been pregnant, or who have a history of heart attack, stroke, or diabetes may now be eligible. Giving blood is simple, safe, and easy to do. And blood donations make much of modern medicine possible.

To prepare for the blood drive, HOLDCOM has enlisted the “BloodMobile” from Community Blood Services of Paramus. Like a mini hospital on wheels, the bloodmobile is staffed with licensed phlebotomist and registered nurses. HOLDCOM invites you to our first annual blood drive where all donors will receive a HOLDCOM gift bag. If you are interested in registering contact, a Client Relations representative to reserve a time slot.

Once again, HOLDCOM’s blood drive will take place on January 24th, 2006 at our office: 955 Lincoln Avenue in Glen Rock, New Jersey between 11 a.m and 2 p.m. HOLDCOM would like to thank everyone in advance for supporting this great cause.

If you would like to host a blood drive at your office in the Bergen County area contact, Donna McMackin at CBS at 201-705-1653 or email her at donnam@bcrbc.org. Visit http://www.communitybloodservices.org/db_faq.php for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Blood Donation.

Employee Spotlight: John Falcone

John Falcone - Employee Spotlight

Since 1999, John Falcone has been a Script Consultant at HOLDCOM. His duties include writing and editing Message-On-Hold rough drafts and script updates for our wide range of clients.

John’s position also entails consulting with clients, encouraging them to fully utilize their program updates and offering suggestions to make their scripts the best they can be. He also spends his time proofreading scripts for errors before they enter the recording phase.

John’s daily interactions with his co-workers are one of his favorite aspects of his job. “There’s a lot of great people working here, and it’s fun and easy to work with them,” says John. He also goes on to state; “I believe HOLDCOM’s success is the result of our employees working hard and going above and beyond to make things as great as possible for our clients and each other.”

Outside of HOLDCOM, John’s known to cheer for the Giants, Mets, and Lakers and also enjoys movies and music.

Snow Shoveling Safety

Depending on what you read (or whom you talk to), we may be in for a warmer-than-normal Winter Season. However as many of you know, wintry weather has already hit many parts of the country. If snow shoveling is a task you only have to deal with occasionally, it’s easy to forget the proper manner in which to do it. Here are some helpful tips:

Winter Weather - Snow shoveling safety tips from Holdcom, your Message On Hold provider

·  Treat shoveling as you would any other physical exercise – be sure to warm-up, stretch, and start slow by shoveling only small loads of snow.

·  Pace yourself – don’t try to complete the whole task in one session, especially if you’re dealing with large amounts of snow. Sufficient rest breaks will help prevent fatigue and injury.

·  When you’re finished, be sure to cool down and stretch again before starting any other physical activity.

Shoveling snow can be a frustrating chore. And although we want to rush through it with all our speed and might, be careful not to overexert yourself. Remember: if your snow shovel breaks, you can always buy a new one. You can’t, however, buy a new body. Take care of the one you have and enjoy a safe Winter Season!