“Fall Back” Into The Holiday Season

Are you ready to “Fall Back”? Daylight Saving Time ends November 3 – Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour at home, around the office, and on your phones. Otherwise, you might end up in this situation:


Connect with customers, spread cheer, and market your business for under $100 with a Branded Holiday Video. Choose from:

3-video-email-previewJust choose your video, upload your logo, and receive your holiday video in 3 business days. As our Holiday gift to you, you’ll also receive a Message On Hold program and a Facebook Cover Photo – all for $99!

Announcing the NEW Audio Production Store – Version 3.0

You might have heard that the Holdcom team has been working to develop an all-new version of the Audio Production Store, and now it’s here. Version 3.0 is ready for your Voice Prompt and Message On Hold projects – Plus it can handle different types of projects, like Virtual Tour Audio, Overhead Announcements, Audio for Video, and more.

We’ve packed the store with so many new features that we had to create this video to show you all of the store’s new capabilities. Check it out:

Some new features you’ll love are:

  • Real Time Quote – Immediate default pricing which changes in real-time as you change the parameters of your project.
  • Real Time Delivery Date Notification – Immediate default delivery date which changes in real-time if you change time-sensitive parameters of your project.
  • Multiple Voices in One Project – Choose one or two voices for your project.
  • Multiple Languages in One Project – Choose English or English and a second language for your project.
  • Music Drops for Prompts – Add music to one or more prompts in a project.
  • Multiple Projects – Save and revise as many projects at a time under default or custom names until you’re ready to Add them to Cart.
  • Two Script Submission Methods – Choose to type or paste, or upload a formatted Excel file for larger projects.
  • Rush Order Capability - Option to choose two day delivery time instead of default three business days.
  • Voice Talent Sorting - Sort talents on gender (male, female, or both) and dialect
  • Applications Slider Display – Range of audio production applications on rotating display including samples, starting prices, and default delivery date.
  • Script Consultant Option From Self-Service – Getting help developing your script is now an option rather than going to another department
  • Music Interval Selection – For Message On Hold, now you can specifically choose how long musical breaks should be between your paragraphs of information.
  • Paypal Option for Orders Placed Outside USA


Fall in Love With Our Voices… Happy Valentine’s Day from Holdcom!

Do you love the voice on your phone system, virutal tour, or overhead announcements? Do your customers? Enjoy this Valentine’s Day treat from Holdcom in our newest video:

Find a voice you’ll fall in love with at www.holdcom.com/voices or add a new voice to your projects at the Audio Production Store

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What Do You Do? Holdcom Senior Script Consultant Rob Lefever Answers.

Rob Lefever - Senior Script Consultant

Rob Lefever – Holdcom’s Senior Script Consultant

It’s inevitable. You’re at a social gathering, meeting people for the first time, and someone asks: “So, what do you do?” or “What line of work are you in?”

I’ve been employed at Holdcom for over 15 years and my answer to this question has evolved over time.

When I first started years ago, I would tell people I worked for a company that provided marketing messages primarily for telephony.

Telephony?” people would reply, baffled by the term, to which I would further explain with a smile, “It’s a fancy word for telephone applications.”

But this would also be misconstrued. I would watch the person’s face scrunch-up, “Oh wait, you work for a telemarketing company? I hate telemarketers!” Continue reading

Wreck The Halls: A Christmas Story [New Holiday Video]

The Holiday season is upon us…and so is this year’s Holdcom Holiday Video. Click below to watch and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and tweet our new video, Wreck The Halls: A Christmas Story.

Ready to spread Holiday Cheer to your customers?

Get a Free Holiday Message On Hold Program or a great deal on a personalized, custom, or remixed program:

free-holiday-message-on-hold personalized-message-on-hold custom-holiday-on-hold-message

Looking for something a little different? Call us at 800.666.6465.

Give Thanks – A Thanksgiving Message from Holdcom [Original Song]

All of us at Holdcom would like to take a moment to thank our clients for another wonderful year. Please give thanks this holiday season and take a moment to help those in need.

Take a moment to reflect on the Thanksgiving Message in this original song written by Holdcom founders Harvey Edelman and Neil Fishman, performed by the Holdcom staff:

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If you’re interested in and able to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts in New Jersey, please consider donating to the American Red Cross or an area food bank.

So you can share Thanks and Holiday cheer with your own clients, we’re offering a Free Holiday Message On Hold program for you!

Click Here for your Free Program.


Happy Thanksgiving! 

A Halloween Trick or Treat from Holdcom

Happy Halloween! Have a SPOOKtacular Day!

And enjoy some trick-or-treating with our newest video:

Don’t forget to wait for the treat at the end of the video! Or, skip ahead by clicking this button:

Holiday Message On Hold Programs

Got Cheer? Spread It.

This year, we’re offering holiday Message On Hold programs that fit any budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple, no frills, program (free!), a greeting personalized with your business name, or a totally unique and custom program, we have the package for you.

Check out these options, our holiday gift to you:

          free-holiday-message-on-hold personalized-message-on-hold custom-holiday-on-hold-message

Looking for something a little different? Call us at 800.666.6465.

Crisp Clean Acoustic: Professional Music On Hold

Crisp Clean Acoustic is a on hold music album befitting of its name. Ideal for a variety of professional services, the tracks featured throughout this album are warm, inviting and inspiring. Heavy on string instruments, the entire album has a light and airy feel to it.

The title track, “Crisp N Clean”, kicks it off with a modern and uncluttered sound that conveys a sense of trust and welcome, important for many businesses and professions. It allows the listener to picture a sunny weekend afternoon with a good book and cup of tea in his own living room.  It has a comforting sound and pace, with a quick strumming guitar.

As its name suggests, “Ocean Way Drive” does have a bit of a “beachy” sound due to  its calming and confident pace, easing into a jazzy guitar solo with acoustic strumming and strong backing chords. For clients who may be contacting you for the first time on the telephone, it’s important to be perceived as a “solution destination”–a business that can get the job done the right way, the first time and every time.  Any office looking to convey knowledgeable yet approachable staff would be wise to give “Ocean Way Drive” a listen.

“Walking Free” is a theme perfect for any business that wants to simultaneously express creativity, personality, and professionalism. Its alternating pace and bouncy feel suggest an uninhibited spirit, while the tight chord progression and piano introduced into the second half of the track show class and accountability.

While it’s not edgy, overall Crisp Clean Acoustic is an album rife with tracks you can consider very useful for Message On Hold music. The tracks throughout this album are appealing, approachable, and enjoyable, sure to delight your callers waiting on hold while complementing your messages and voice over talent.

Downstate LICH Repurposes On Hold Content

The Challenge:

Doctor using ipad to access website with audio

Downstate – Long Island College Hospital (LICH) has been enhancing their website.  Zipporah Dvash, VP Public Affairs & Development, wanted to make existing web content more engaging and dimensional—without breaking the bank.

The Holdcom Solution:

Dvash works on the Message On Hold program for the facility and realized it coincided with what she wanted to highlight on the website.  Why reinvent the wheel?  She reached out to Holdcom to see if we could repurpose her Message On Hold program for web use.

Downstate LICH Logo

Since Holdcom had already recorded LICH’s Message On Hold program, we simply had to clarify the necessary format needed to put this idea into action. Because all on hold recordings are already conversational and informative, they sounded great for Dvash and the Hospital’s purposes. By thinking creatively and outside of the box, LICH was able to enhance its online marketing campaign by adding audio.  And since LICH’s Message On Hold plan enables them to update a few times within her contract year, Dvash and the Downstate Web development team will be able to update these online promos as well.

Check out this great idea at www.downstate.edu/lich and contact us to see how you can stretch these uses of your audio.

On Hold Music Review: Big & Juicy Undersores 2

If you’re looking to spice up your Message On Hold program with crowd-pleasing tracks, Big & Juicy Underscores 2 has the potential and the variety to be appealing to a wide variety of industries and a broad customer base. This album is mostly upbeat and features a variety of styles, all with exciting melodies.

“Innovative Plain” is a fun track and get your nodding your head. There is one dominant melody line that appears throughout, with different pieces progressively building around it. The instrumentals are stylistic guitars, and an expressive and driving drum beat. I like this track because it is entertaining without being obnoxious, and is pleasant to listen to. It also gives off a welcoming vibe, which is the most important thing if you’re trying to attract customers.

“Life Ambition” is an uplifting track  that just has a very positive sound to it. While listening to this one, you can feel yourself being driven forward. The truth is people like feel-good music and this is a feel-good track. The song is upbeat with piano, guitar, strings, light drums and some other percussion instruments. This track will help you appeal to new customers and maintain loyalty from existing clients while complimenting all of your on hold content.

My personal favorite on this album, “The Difference”, is…well, a bit different than the tracks we’ve heard so far. The first minute is entirely electronic, but then it really kicks in with some piano, strings and hard hitting drum beats. This track is catchy and fun to listen to.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing hold music is to pick music that your customers enjoy listening to. For many businesses, this means finding the right mix of entertainment, professionalism, enjoyment, and comfort. Big & Juice Underscores 2 can help you achieve these goals

Get Real with Virtual Tour Audio [video]

Did you know that Holdcom can help you create a virtual tour that will show and tell your clients about your business? Our virtual tour audio services will take your tour and transform it into a realistic experience for your virtual visitors.

Check out how audio can affect your online content in our newest video:

You can order audio for virtual tours in the voice production department of our online store.

Click here to order now!

Super Duper Grooves: Modern On Hold Music

The album Super Duper Grooves has a bit of a funny name, but it does have some good grooves that just might be what you’re looking for in your new Message On Hold Program. I like these tracks because they sound very current, and are a far cry from most “Light Jazz” type on hold music. Many of the tracks on this album are a bit unorthodox in regard to Message On Hold, but there are definitely a few that are big winners in my book. This album is great if you want to give your on hold content a modern feel.

“Transporter” is probably the marquee track of this album, as it is very accessible and is frequently chosen by our clients across the spectrum of industries. I like this track because it’s a bit dreamy and smooth. It can help you give callers a feeling of comfort and security. This track achieves such a level of comfort and relaxation, while keeping it fun and upbeat. Musically this song is electronic and ambient.

The track “Slim Boy Phat”, a play off the DJ FatBoy Slim, has a much different sound than the previous. It is much more confident, and you can almost picture yourself walking through the casino with money in your pockets. It’s a track that’s exciting and interesting and will make your callers feel confident in your abilities. This track might be a little intense for some because of its electronic sound, with pianos, drums, turn table scratches, and brass, but I like it.

My personal favorite on this album is “Into The Blue.” This track is also an electronic song, but more so in the vein of “Transporter”: ambient but upbeat. I enjoy this track because of the haunting piano melody that airs out above the uptempo drum beat, and the “drop in” intro that just sounds great when timed with the beginning of your Message On Hold content. This song is classy and cool, a great pick for any business wanting to maintain those qualities.

Super Duper Grooves is an ideal choice if you want to use exciting interesting music on hold while maintaining business professionalism. Check out these tracks:

Charming Customers in Charm City: SOCAP Symposium 2012

Customer Service Professionals at the SOCAP 2012 Symposium in BaltimoreThe best way to improve customer service strategies is to learn what others are doing to keep their customers satisfied. With this in mind,  customer service  experts and brand representatives gathered in Baltimore for the 2012 SOCAP Spring Symposium from April 22 to 25. The Inner Harbor was buzzing with industry focus, as the annual event attracted major brands and vendors from across the continent and around the globe.

The Spring Conference content was geared towards SOCAP industry communities: Consumer Packaged Goods, Hospitality and Travel, Retail and Direct Sales, and Healthcare. The focus of the symposium was Customer Service and the challenges faced by organizations in an ever-changing landscape of consumers and technology. The three-day event packed a full schedule of events: Inspiring and thought-provoking keynote speakers; morning Trend sessions; afternoon Industry sessions; and workshops designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and collaboration within vertical markets. One of the Trend sessions, “Bringing Back the Personalization of Service”, was presented by author Richard Shapiro from The Center for Client Retention. Contributors included Marie Shubin of E&J Gallo Winery and Donna Haller of Kellogg Company.  Neil Fishman, President of Holdcom, attended the breakout session and remarked, “Richard took a back-to-basics approach in market place environments under siege by automation and technology.  His research and ‘mystery-shopper’ methods confirmed the value and effectiveness of building one-on-one relationships through direct and meaningful conversation.”

Neil also attended a workshop conducted by Leslie O’Flahavan of E-WRITE, which focused on “How to Measure the Quality of Customer Service E-mail”. “Leslie not only offered key ways to evaluate email content, she also provided useful tips and suggestions for improving customer service email responses,” Neil commented. “Her workshop delved into the nuts and bolts of composition, context, style, format, and grammar, and concluded with techniques and metrics for improving performance and quality of writing.”

SOCAP continues to grow its membership and expand its resources for members with value-added offerings on their website as well as other annual industry events like the Automotive Summit and Data Reporting Workshop, not to mention the 2012 Canada Community Event and upcoming China Mission Trip. “There is an abundance of shared knowledge and collaboration that goes on at the SOCAP events and conferences. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it at any of the other meetings I’ve attended with other organizations. The amount of talent that is present is amazing, and the way everyone is open and supportive of one another is truly refreshing,” commented Andy Begnoché, Director of Operations at Holdcom and SOCAP Member Services Committee Chairman. He continued, “I’ve been involved with this group since 2003, and it continues to deliver year after year. You know you have something special when you see new members returning after attending just one conference and volunteering to be part of committees and local chapters. It shows you they are getting a return on the investment. Even beyond the conference and local chapter events, there’s so much content and tools to take advantage of on their website. The committee I chair is responsible for monthly webinars and the publication of CRM Magazine throughout the year. Our committee was also responsible for helping to build and populate a fantastic knowledge base tool called PING (People Networking), powered by Astute Solutions Real Dialogue. It’s a natural language tool that you can query on all things Consumer Affairs/Customer Service related. It’s all really great content.”

For more information about SOCAP or to learn more about these programs, visit their website at www.socap.org.

Client Of The Month: Revera Health Systems

reveralogoRevera Health Systems operates 30 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers throughout the United States – all offering both short-stay rehabilitation and long-term care as well as respite and hospice care.  A few centers also offer specialty units for memory care, pediatric care, ventilator care, and traumatic brain injury care. With so many programs and services to offer throughout the country, Revera facilities need to answer many frequently asked questions and enlighten callers… in addition to providing compassion.

“Our Message On Hold Program has benefitted our business by providing an “extra layer” of information for prospective patients and their families,” explains Chrissy Timreck, Marketing Coordinator.

GlenRidge4One such feature Revera is pleased to announce: HEART – Health Education And Recovery Together, A Revera Signature Congestive Heart Failure Program. The program speaks to the company’s level of clinical expertise and state-of-the-art technologies.

In addition to featuring services and programs, Timreck is always sure to take the opportunity that Message On Hold provides, to boast about recent accolades Revera has received. “Just last month, four of our skilled nursing centers made the list of the “2012 Best Nursing Homes” through US News and World Reports, and 27 of our 30 centers have achieved Bronze Award status through the American Health Care Association,” she proudly explains.

“Message On Hold has provided our company with another platform for us to disseminate timely and relevant news and information pertaining to our centers, and while customers are on hold, they have the ability to be educated on skilled nursing,” states Timreck.

A majority of the Revera Centers update their on-hold programs via an audio file or through a remote load system – making changes a breeze… especially when facilities are scattered throughout the country.

“During the devastation of Hurricane Irene, one of our skilled nursing facilities was forced to close for an indefinite amount of time: The center was flooded and immediate renovations needed to be made,” explains Timreck. “Our company looked to Message On Hold to help us spread the word that the center would be shut down while renovations were completed. HOLDCOM worked with us to create a new script for the center and they were able to record and distribute the new message for us in a very timely manner. By having Message On Hold, we were able to circumvent many of the community’s curiosity calls to the center during this time, and we were able to maintain a level of professionalism during an unfortunate event.”

“Revera Health Systems has always enjoyed and appreciated a high level of customer service with  Holdcom,” concludes Timreck. She is in close contact with her Client Relations and Script Consultant reps – Donna Pompeo and Megan Andriulli, who according to Timreck “have gone “above and beyond” to ensure a positive, seamless, and almost effortless client/vendor relationship.”

Having a client who knows what she wants and when she needs it, as well as one who understands the value a Message On Hold program will provide her facilities, makes the relationship equally successful.  Holdcom is proud to provide ongoing services to Revera Health Systems to help them in their mission of providing compassionate care to their patients and families.

Welcome To Holdcom!

Holdcom would like to welcome our new hires:

  • Tony Dimaria, Video Producer/Audio Engineer
  • Steven Striuss, Client Relations Support
  • Clare Suereth, Client Relations Support/Communications Assistant

Holdcom New Hires- video production and client relations

From left: Tony Dimaria, Steven Striuss, Clare Suereth

This group of new hires will help Holdcom adapt to new technology and continue to provide excellent client service.

Script Tip: Great Voicemail Greetings

Professional Voicemail Messages for SmartphonesThere’s always a big focus to ensure that company Voice Prompts/Upfront Greetings and Voicemail recordings are consistent, but with the prominence of cell phones used for work related purposes…how professional is your outgoing message?

Often, there needs to be a decent amount of information conveyed in the outgoing greeting and if you’re trying to recall what that information is on the spot, you’re most likely stammering through the recording and/or surrounding it with plenty of “ums” and “likes.”

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Jot down what you feel is necessary for your callers to know.
  • Submit a request for a Cell Phone Greeting.
  • A Holdcom Script Consultant will make sure the copy is not too long and flows well.
  • You’ll also be able to choose a voice that best represents you and/or your line of work!

And there you have it – a Professional Cell Phone Greeting!

To help you determine what’s important, download our guide, Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings