Matthew Rosenhein Joins Holdcom Client Relations Team

Matt Rosenhein, of Montclair, NJ, has joined the Holdcom Client Relations team. In his special capacity, he works as a liaison between the Client Relations and Tech Support departments, helping to ensure customer satisfaction and clear troubleshooting.

Matt graduated from Clark University in 2012, were he studied Business Management and History. His experience includes independent technical support for small businesses, web development and programming, and lighting and sound for theater and concerts.

When he’s not working, Matt enjoys film, books, and skiing.

“Fall Back” Into The Holiday Season

Are you ready to “Fall Back”? Daylight Saving Time ends November 3 – Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour at home, around the office, and on your phones. Otherwise, you might end up in this situation:


Connect with customers, spread cheer, and market your business for under $100 with a Branded Holiday Video. Choose from:

3-video-email-previewJust choose your video, upload your logo, and receive your holiday video in 3 business days. As our Holiday gift to you, you’ll also receive a Message On Hold program and a Facebook Cover Photo – all for $99!

Announcing the NEW Audio Production Store – Version 3.0

You might have heard that the Holdcom team has been working to develop an all-new version of the Audio Production Store, and now it’s here. Version 3.0 is ready for your Voice Prompt and Message On Hold projects – Plus it can handle different types of projects, like Virtual Tour Audio, Overhead Announcements, Audio for Video, and more.

We’ve packed the store with so many new features that we had to create this video to show you all of the store’s new capabilities. Check it out:

Some new features you’ll love are:

  • Real Time Quote - Immediate default pricing which changes in real-time as you change the parameters of your project.
  • Real Time Delivery Date Notification - Immediate default delivery date which changes in real-time if you change time-sensitive parameters of your project.
  • Multiple Voices in One Project - Choose one or two voices for your project.
  • Multiple Languages in One Project - Choose English or English and a second language for your project.
  • Music Drops for Prompts - Add music to one or more prompts in a project.
  • Multiple Projects - Save and revise as many projects at a time under default or custom names until you’re ready to Add them to Cart.
  • Two Script Submission Methods - Choose to type or paste, or upload a formatted Excel file for larger projects.
  • Rush Order Capability - Option to choose two day delivery time instead of default three business days.
  • Voice Talent Sorting - Sort talents on gender (male, female, or both) and dialect
  • Applications Slider Display - Range of audio production applications on rotating display including samples, starting prices, and default delivery date.
  • Script Consultant Option From Self-Service - Getting help developing your script is now an option rather than going to another department
  • Music Interval Selection - For Message On Hold, now you can specifically choose how long musical breaks should be between your paragraphs of information.
  • Paypal Option for Orders Placed Outside USA


Fall in Love With Our Voices… Happy Valentine’s Day from Holdcom!

Do you love the voice on your phone system, virutal tour, or overhead announcements? Do your customers? Enjoy this Valentine’s Day treat from Holdcom in our newest video:

Find a voice you’ll fall in love with at or add a new voice to your projects at the Audio Production Store

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What Do You Do? Holdcom Senior Script Consultant Rob Lefever Answers.

Rob Lefever - Senior Script Consultant

Rob Lefever – Holdcom’s Senior Script Consultant

It’s inevitable. You’re at a social gathering, meeting people for the first time, and someone asks: “So, what do you do?” or “What line of work are you in?”

I’ve been employed at Holdcom for over 15 years and my answer to this question has evolved over time.

When I first started years ago, I would tell people I worked for a company that provided marketing messages primarily for telephony.

Telephony?” people would reply, baffled by the term, to which I would further explain with a smile, “It’s a fancy word for telephone applications.”

But this would also be misconstrued. I would watch the person’s face scrunch-up, “Oh wait, you work for a telemarketing company? I hate telemarketers!” Continue reading

Wreck The Halls: A Christmas Story [New Holiday Video]

The Holiday season is upon us…and so is this year’s Holdcom Holiday Video. Click below to watch and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and tweet our new video, Wreck The Halls: A Christmas Story.

Ready to spread Holiday Cheer to your customers?

Get a Free Holiday Message On Hold Program or a great deal on a personalized, custom, or remixed program:

free-holiday-message-on-hold personalized-message-on-hold custom-holiday-on-hold-message

Looking for something a little different? Call us at 800.666.6465.

Jenna Di Quarto Joins Holdcom Audio Production Team

Jenna Di Quarto of New Milford, NJ has joined the Audio Production team at Holdcom, a leading provider of audio marketing services for telephony and the internet. Jenna received her Associates degree in Music Recording in 2008 from the County College of Morris and went on to receive her Bachelors in Audio Post Production from Emerson College.

Her previous experience includes Sound Design and Editing for small films and audio mixing. With 8 years experience working with audio, she will be an asset to the production department, which is responsible for recording and editing voice over talent, and building and fulfilling client programs.

Outside of the office, Jenna plays guitar and is a singer/songwriter, dog lover, and nature enthusiast.

Give Thanks – A Thanksgiving Message from Holdcom [Original Song]

All of us at Holdcom would like to take a moment to thank our clients for another wonderful year. Please give thanks this holiday season and take a moment to help those in need.

Take a moment to reflect on the Thanksgiving Message in this original song written by Holdcom founders Harvey Edelman and Neil Fishman, performed by the Holdcom staff:

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If you’re interested in and able to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts in New Jersey, please consider donating to the American Red Cross or an area food bank.

So you can share Thanks and Holiday cheer with your own clients, we’re offering a Free Holiday Message On Hold program for you!

Click Here for your Free Program.


Happy Thanksgiving! 

A Halloween Trick or Treat from Holdcom

Happy Halloween! Have a SPOOKtacular Day!

And enjoy some trick-or-treating with our newest video:

Don’t forget to wait for the treat at the end of the video! Or, skip ahead by clicking this button: