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How to Use Audio in Your Healthcare Facility to Improve Patient CareResources for Professional Voicemail Greeting Scripts and RecordingsTips for Writing Message On Hold and Telephony Scripts

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VoiceGraderA FREE Holdcom tool to assess the efficacy of your call processing. Your company’s “voice” is a component in building an audio brand: How is it working for you?

Script Tips “Greatest Hits”: A compilation of the best tips for writing IVR announcements, drafting Messages on Hold, and writing eLearning Scripts, taken from our newsletters with extra contributions from our Scripts Department.

Guide to Effective Scriptwriting for Telephony and Message On Hold: An advanced guide for ensuring your Message On Hold and telephony scripts are well written, clear, and effective.

How to Leverage Audio Marketing for Your Healthcare Facility: This white paper focuses on how the healthcare industry can use audio hold marketing and telephony, social media techniques for healthcare, and how to harness audio for creative patient care initiatives, each helping to improve facility stature and reach patients, visitors, and donors.

Audio Marketing Blog: Sound Communication, the Holdcom Blog, will keep you up to date with news, tips, and trends about Audio Marketing and Customer Service.

Top Tips for Professional Voicemail Greetings: Tips for recording a voicemail message for your cell phone, home, and business. If you miss a call, your voicemail message is your first impression: make sure it’s a good one.

Audio marketing for Hospitality: Download this free guide to learn how Hospitality properties, like hotels, restaurants, resorts, and spas, can utilize audio in their marketing campaigns. Audio for the internet and social media, telephony, and guest services are all covered.

E-Training and E-Learning Tips: Increase Engagement with Audio: Our top tips for incorporating audio into eLearning programs to increase learner understanding and engagement. Tips for writing scripts, making recordings, and speaking correctly to your audience.