The Holdcom Vision


Our Vision

  • Improve business communication through the power of digital media while providing a fulfilling livelihood for people sharing in that goal.
  • Establish Message On Hold and professional Voice Production as essential compliments and enhancements to other business marketing solutions.
  • Be a recognized leader in the digital communications industry.

Our Core Values


Holdcom maintains an open door policy that nurtures the exchange of ideas and information for staff and clients alike.

Honesty & Integrity

Our dedication to truth and values will guide us to do the right things, the right way.

Respect For Clients & Staff

We believe in the inherent worth of all human beings, their right to dignity, respect and fair treatment.

Exceed Customer Expectations

We don’t just satisfy our customers… we overwhelm them with extraordinary service and results.

Meaning & Purpose In Our Actions

Connect with your work by understanding the value and effect of your productivity and accomplishments.

Innovation & Uncompromising Quality

Commitment to these characteristics preserves customer loyalty and keeps us competitive.

Holdcom Excellence In Marketing 2013